The new year is almost here, to bring in my birthday month i have finished Osnadurtha Academy.

It will be a live release, want to know what it is about? 

It is LIGHT bully RH with so many twists and turns that is a slow to medium burn romance.

There are steam, anger, paranormals, twists, and turns.


When I was sixteen, my mother taught me an important lesson; nobody was going to save me.

            I listened, learned, and fought my way through life by this advice.

            Fairytales aren’t real. There is no prince charming in this world that is going to come end your misery.

            It’s up to you what you do in your life is all that matters.

            Or, so I thought.

            What if the Prince Charming is really four men just as bad as me? What if my dark side calls to theirs?

            Better yet, what if my dark side owns theirs? After all, it took me twenty-three years to meet my maker.

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One reader has already read it as a ARC and she had this to say
I promise y’all will want to get your hands on this book! It’s a fantastic read that leaves you wanting more! 😘❤️ ” -Liz

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  1. Tammy Hughes

    I just finished Fearless and I was wondering if you started on the third book?

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